Are fireworks appropriate at a funeral? 

Posted by Sat Banwait on

This is a sensitive one. We have recently had a few orders from customers who wanted to use one or a selection of fireworks in remembrance of a loved one at their funeral or anniversary of when they passed away. Unfortunately, this is not something we can help guide you on. You need to think about how appropriate it is yourself; did they enjoy fireworks? Do you want to send them off with a bang or a display of colour? Are the other guests in attendance going to find this respectful? If the answer is yes, then there are lots of options of fireworks you can use to do this. A single ignition barrage could be ideal, light it once and watch it do multiple effects.  

If fireworks are not ideal then Sky Lanterns are another option you may want to consider, they are eco-friendly paper lamps that you light and let off into the sky, some people attach a wish or a memory to them before they float away.

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