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What is Lohri?

Lohri is considered to be one of the most important festivals among the Sikh Community. Families make sure that even the newest member of the family never forgets their first Lohri. When a baby boy or girl is born or a new bride becomes part of the family, the family celebrate and go to great lengths to make this festivity a big bash and unforgettable at any cost.

When is Lohri?

Lohri is celebrated annually and this year it is celebrated on 13th January 2021

How is Lohri celebrated?

Lohri is celebrated by the coming together of family and friends at the home of the parents of the baby boy or girl. Family and friends are invited for a feast and exchange of gifts. Once the party is over, Lohri is celebrated with traditional dancing and singing around a huge bonfire. Lohri was originally done in Inida and is now celebrated all over the word. It is also traditional to set off fireworks as another mark of celebration.

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