New fireworks added to the collection! 

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We have some new fireworks to add to the collection of the other great ones we sell!
They are all from one of the major known brands in the UK Hallmark. They are all up on the website...take a look now.
HALLMARK - ESCAPE - 84 SHOTS - This is a mega loud one - Escape produces bursts of bright silver crowns with each row alternating in coloured stars such as red, blue, firing coloured and crackling star bursts. It lasts 30 seconds and fires 25 metres high. Priced at £80.
HALLMARK - GHOST - 49 SHOTS - 49 shots of vivid colour starbursts accompanied by a really unusual coloured ‘flitter’, it’s softer than a glitter effect and not as pronounced as a strobe. It last 40 seconds and fires 25 metres high. These are £60. This is 1.3G so it's a mega loud one.
HALLMARK - TROUBLE SHOOTER - 49 SHOTS - Starting with gold and blue mine shots followed by classic pale green and lilac bursts. This is a bargain at £50.
HALLMARK - HORSE WHISPERER - 49 SHOT - A special effect fan barrage featuring Horse tail gold effects in the sky. It lasts for 30 seconds. This is £50.
HALLMARK - CRACKER - 19 SHOTS - A great little cake which really packs a punch! It produces red tipped silver palms with an after-twinkle strobe effect. The best part of this is that it is buy one get one free! That means its 2 of them for £10, what a bargain!
Watch the videos on the product pages now... 
We look forward to adding more and more great products to our range throughout 2021!

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