What is the best firework to buy?

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This is tough one! There are so many great fireworks out there. We have come a long way in the last 30 years from only being able to get a small selection box for your garden party with some small rockets, where typically you probably did not even know what they did until you lit them and watched. Now you can choose from hundreds of variations of fireworks, down to their specific colour, height and number of bursts. Over the years many manufactures have looked for gaps in the markets and made a wide variety of different effects and sizes.  

At Fireworks Boutique if we were forced to pick one, we love rockets the best. There is no better firework than a big 1.3G rocket that whizzes up into the air at a mega fast pace and explodes with a bang into a bright colourful chrysanthemum, with all the stars falling down. 1.3G rockets are a common item now in most firework shops.  

Even though that’s our fave we still enjoy all the other varieties to. Whilst selection boxes have been replaced by buying a mix of smaller barrages, we still get a warm nostalgic feeling when we use a selection box, just like our parents did.

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