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Welcome to Fireworks Boutique. We are a UK based fireworks retailer selling a large range of fireworks to the public, at prices to suit all budgets and tastes. We cover Luton, Kettering, and surrounding areas. At Fireworks Boutique we are truly passionate about what we do and this reflects in the service we provide to our customers, who return to us year upon year. 

We have spectacular fireworks to create a magical and memorable firework display for all occasions, for example Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes Day, Diwali, Chinese New Year, New Year’s Eve, weddings or birthday celebrations.

Buy your fireworks with confidence at Fireworks Boutique. We are fully licensed to sell fireworks and all our fireworks comply with British standards; they all carry the British Standard Kitemark BS711.

Buy fireworks in Luton

Showroom: 150 Sundon Park Road, Luton, LU3 3AH. Tel: 01582 571545

Our Luton fireworks showroom is our flagship store which was established in 2010 open all week. We open 7 days a week in the two weeks prior to Bonfire Night and New Years Eve.

Customers can visit the showroom, also click and collect, telephone or order online. We can also deliver to Luton and the surrounding areas for a delivery fee of £15, 7 days a week.

Buy fireworks in Kettering

Showroom: The Yard, Northfield Avenue, Kettering, NN15 7JP. Tel: 07943 007007

Our Kettering fireworks showroom is our second store which was established in October 2020. We are located at The Yard, Northfield Avenue, Kettering, NN15 7JP, opposite the Train Station. The showroom is open to customers every Friday during the year and open 7 days a week, two weeks prior to Bonfire Night and New Years Eve. Outside of these times the showroom will be open by appointment only.

Customers can visit the showroom when open, also click and collect, telephone or order online. We deliver to Kettering and the surrounding areas for a delivery fee of £15, 7 days a week.


Fireworks for sale include Rockets fireworks, Cake and Barrage fireworks, Selection Box fireworks, Roman Candle fireworks, Sparklers plus much more.

Selection Boxes

Selection boxes contain a variety of different types of fireworks for your display. These are ideal for garden parties.

Cakes and Barrages

Barrages are the most popular firework, they are also known as cakes or batteries. They consist of a number of shots that are normally fired into the air from a single box that sits on the ground, with different colours and effects, by one single ignition. Barrages comes in a number of sizes from 10 to 140 shots.


Rockets fire up high into the air. They are one of the most common fireworks and come in various sizes and colours. Whilst most rockets are single burst, you can get a small amount that burst multiple times. Smaller rockets do not produce very loud bangs making them ideal for younger children, the large rockets will scream into the air and produce a loud bang when they burst.


Fountains are a spray of colour low on the ground. Some of our fountains last up to 3 minutes. Whilst fountains may crackle they do not bang and are therefore generally classed as low noise.

Roman Candles

Roman Candles are traditional fireworks, normally a single tube that fire's out a number of shots of colours, which sometimes bang.

Catherine Wheels

A Catherine Wheel is a firework that normally requires mounting on a post. When it is lit the energy of the fireworks not only creates sparks and colour but causes the wheel to rotate at speed.


A Sparkler is a hand held firework that throws off sparks on ignition. They are a great way to add some interactive fun to displays.

Smoke Grenades

Smoke Grenades are handheld tubes that give out coloured smoke for up to 90 seconds. 

Low Noise - No Bang

A low noise firework is ideal for small garden parties with young guests. They are normally roman candles, fountains or small rockets that create little to no noise.

Dog and Pet Friendly

These fireworks are especially designed to be low noise to create minimal stress and anxiety for pets and wildlife. 



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