Welcome to Here, you can conveniently purchase cakes and barrages for a party or an event. There are various sizes of firework cakes and they come in different shapes. What about shots? Yes, they come in various assortments of shots, for instance 16, 19, 25, 49 or even 90! These cakes and barrages are manufactured in such a way that they automatically select timing for shots. They are designed with various card tubes that are glued together. There are different kinds of effect each shot produces. Whatever your fantasies are, we offer fireworks and barrages that will amaze you with the unique effect each shot produces and satisfy your fantasy.

As soon as you lit the firework cake, the fuse ignites from tube, which in turn kindle each shots and as you watch, it flies up into the air then explodes with distinct and unique effects, lighting up the sky as you watch in amazement. Accordingly, a 16 shot cake has 16 tubes, a 25 shot cake will have 25 tubes; what about a 90 shot cake? It will have 90 tubes!

We offer multi-shot barrage fireworks which consists of barrages and cakes that can produce different display and effects. Once shot in the sky, you enjoy the sounds of ear-splitting bangs, multiple magical colours, even a mixture of the two, with each cakes and barrages creating a unique effect.

Yes, you will be attending a party where everyone will joyfully celebrate and there will be music of jubilation and success. You seriously need cake fireworks to express your joy and satisfaction.

We offer a variety of cakes and barrages royal party fireworks ranging from ‘porfires 3pk’ with an amazing burn time of 12 minutes, ‘Little stars’ which consists of 9 shot cake, ‘fabulous’ that has 16 shot cake. Also, we have ‘supreme’ with 25 shot cake, ‘balder’ (24 shot cake), ‘stars and pearls’ with 8 shot mine cake, ‘supreme large’ (16 shot cake), not forgetting ‘after dark’ that has 19 shot cake. Our collection of fireworks and barrages surely will fulfil your fantasy. Your celebration needs cakes and barrages that will light up the sky, displaying various fireworks and effects as you watch in joy.

Want more cakes? We are not done yet. We have  ‘crackling stars’ that has 10 shot mine, ‘Olympica’ with 25 shot cake, Odin which is dangerously loud, El Ninjo with 34 shot cake, not forgetting ‘Battery PowerStation’ that has 36 shot fan cake. Do you fancy Brocade crown? It has 25 shots and is among our collections. There are still powerful cakes and barrages in our collections. They are: Gunsmoke (50 shot cake), Pearl of orient (25 shot cake), Thor 19 (shot cake), Guys gunpowder (25 shot cake), Prime (19 shot cake) and Glow very powerful.

Checkout available cakes in our store below. All you have to do is place your order, when you get your hands on it, light once, sit back, relax and watch your fantasy come to reality with the great fireworks!



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