Celebrate Valentines Day with fireworks

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Valentine’s day is significant for all of the lovers and romantics who want to celebrate their love for each other, in these modern times the most common way couples or families celebrate it is by going out for a meal or another experience. Unfortunately, this year will be different. We need to look at other ways to declare our love. Have you thought about doing fireworks instead? Or maybe you have to spend it apart from a loved one this year and would prefer to light a Sky Lantern with a wish attached. Each year at Fireworks Boutique we have customers who want to celebrate their love on Valentine’s Day by making statement with a spectacular display in the sky, with a bang, or some just want a low noise show of colour, this year we want to let a wider audience know that this is an option too.

What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th February all over the world. Couples share their love for each other by exchanging gifts, going for dinner and spending quality time with each other.

There are a number of myths surrounding the origins of Valentines Day, here are a few we dug out:

In the 3rd century 2 Romans were executed by order of Emperor Claudius II. They were both named Valentine.

Another is that a Roman priest by the name of St Valentine was martyred because he continued to wed couples even though it had been outlawed.

Another legend is that St Valentine fell in love with a jailer’s daughter. Whom he would send letters to, signed “from your Valentine”.

We don’t know exactly which one is true but we are just grateful to have this special share to share with our loved ones.

Fireworks on Valentine’s Day

So why do fireworks on Valentine’s Day? Fireworks are a great way to celebrate any occasion, but Valentine’s Day is slightly different. Fireworks are a great way to be different, finishing a night off with a barrage or some rockets would bring a smile to any couples’ face. 

Show the one you love how much you care. What better way to make it a big deal than firing off some loud fireworks? Just like the saying making a song and dance of it, this is the perfect way to do just that.

Whilst we think any firework would be great for this occasion if we had to pick our best it would be the red mine Northern Lights, its 56 shots, at only £15 you still have enough left for wine and chocolates.

At Fireworks Boutique you can either buy fireworks directly from our website or call us and we will help you pick the perfect Fireworks for your Valentine’s Day and Night.

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