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Posted by Rajinder Grewal on

At Fireworks Boutique we are keen to cover as much of the UK as possible. You can buy fireworks from our showrooms in Luton and Kettering as well as an online delivery direct to your door service in Coventry. Luton and Kettering do also deliver to your door throughout the year but this is limited at the peak times. Coventry delivers all year round.

We know that sometimes fireworks can be an impulse purchase especially around Chinese New Year, Diwali, Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve and one of the most popular searches in Google can be ‘Fireworks near me’ but remember we also cover a number of surrounding areas between our 3 locations, so it’s worth giving us a call to check if you are in a location that we could still deliver to.

As we grow, we hope to open up for further locations in the future but if we are unable to fulfil, we’ll be sure to recommend a reputable fireworks supplier that may be closer to you.

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