I’ve only got a small garden, can I still do fireworks?

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We get asked this a lot at Fireworks Boutique. Don’t let a small garden put you off doing a firework display. Whilst some of the larger fireworks do require a safety distance of 25 metres there are still plenty of options for those with a smaller garden. Most 1.4G (if they are 1.3G it normally says so) have a recommended safety distance of 8 metres (still be sure to read the individual firework to check this), so hopefully these are appropriate for you. This means the smaller selection boxes and most small cakes and barrages will be safe. 

Another thing to consider is how does the firework operate, for example if it’s a fountain the sprays will be lower to the ground, literally like a fountain showering out, if it’s a rocket or most barrages they are arial, meaning they go up high into the sky. The last thing you want is being worried your fountain is spraying up the garden fence and not being positioned at a central spot to enjoy the effects. 

A good tip we always tell our customers who are placing fireworks on the ground is to place a brick against the firework on the side facing you, this means should the worst happen and the firework topples over there is less chance it will topple facing you as the brick will stop it.  

Last resort is to buy the fireworks along with a bottle of wine or chocolates and pop round to a friend who has a bigger garden. 

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